I am a HUGE fan of an independent local radio station operating out of Macon, Georgia. The station is WNEX 100.9 FM, “The Creek”. Their tagline is “Real Music, Real Radio.” The Creek plays a fantastic mix of music in the genres of Folk, Country, Blues, Gospel, Rock, and more. They do a great job of programming a diverse array of artists from today and yesterday.

Because they’re located in Macon, they include a lot of classic artists from central Georgia, as well as up-and-coming musicians from the region. Within their mix of modern music, you’ll occasionally hear from Georgia greats like The Allman Brothers Band, Ray Charles, Little Richard, and James Brown.

In addition to classic tracks, I find The Creek is a great resource for new albums from artists who sound like they made their music four decades ago. In 2020 along, The Creek has introduced me to artists like Billy Strings, Charley Crockett, Great Peacock, Kim Lenz, Molly Tuttle, S.G. Goodman, The War & Treaty, and many, many more.

You can visit The Creek’s website and listen to their broadcast streaming live on the Internet here.

I’ve been collecting a lot of the tracks played on The Creek into a giant Spotify playlist. To date the playlist contains over 470 songs – everything from Alabama Shakes and Alison Krauss to Yola, Wilson Pickett, and Wilco. If you’re a fan of soulful music from the heartland, regardless of the time period it’s from or the gender or skin tone of the person who made it, I hope you’ll check out this playlist on Spotify. Happy listening!


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