Based on votes by the community members at, here are the ten most beautiful and interesting photographs posted to the Internet in 2012. Click any image to see the full-sized version of it:

1: Teary Neil Armstrong After Walking on the Moon

A teary Neil Armstrong photographed by Buzz Aldrin shortly after they walked on the moon

2: A Namibian Ghost Town

In a Namibian ghost town consumed by the desert

3: The Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado

The Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado

4: The Dolomites, Italy

Dolomites, Italy by Moro

5: Dalsnibba Mountain, Norway

Dalsnibba Mountain, Norway

6: Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Valley, by Chase Lindberg

7: Inside a Fallen Elder Tree, Avenue of the Giants, California

Inside a fallen elder tree in the Avenue of the Giants, California.

8: Blyznytsya Mountains, Ukraine

Blyznytsya Mountains, Ukraine [1600×1000]

9: Sri Lanka

Lush green hills in Sri Lanka

10: Litlanesfoss, Iceland

Litlanesfoss, Iceland [990×742]
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