To be sung to the tune of “Desperado” by The Eagles. Lyrics by me.


Reposado, please help me deaden my senses.
Take down my defenses, so I let go.
I’ve had a hard day,
But I’ll keep plugging away.
These things that are buggin’ me,
You’ll fix them somehow.

Don’t you pour the bottom shelf stuff, boy,
I’ll beat you if I’m able.
You know the old Patron is always your best bet.

Now pour me out some tall shots,
And then set them on my table,
’cause I don’t think I can stand up by myself.

Reposado, oh, I ain’t gettin’ no younger.
My pain and my hunger, you’ll drive them away.
And mixers, oh mixers, well, that just weakens the flavor.
Just do me a favor – wake me up when it’s day.

I like tequila cold in the summer time
With some salsa, chips and a slice of lime.
It’s hard to tell the next thing I might say.
I’m sensing numbness in my toes,
Ain’t it funny how the feeling goes away?

Reposado, you’ve helped me deaden my senses.
Took down my defenses, lifted the weight.
It may be mornin’, but there’s a little more of you.
You better let somebody pour you, before it’s too late.

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