It’s year-end wrap-up time again, when everybody and their brother publishes best-of lists. Here’s one of mine: my favorite albums of 2018. I’m not describing these as the best albums of 2018 – to do that, I would have had to listen to a lot more music. These are just my favorites – the albums released in 2018 I listened to and enjoyed the most.

Ry Cooder – The Prodigal Son

“On The Prodigal Son, Cooder returns to his foundation as vital roots music re-furbisher, spending the majority of the album dismantling and reassembling a series of 20th-century gospel, blues, folk and bluegrass traditionals.” – Rolling Stone

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Scott Hirsch – Lost Time Behind the Moon

“Waves of pedal steel and pools of reverberating guitar lend a complementary sense of fluidity to the entire record, abetted by Hirsch’s cosmic lyricism on the lithe instrumental numbers.” – Bandcamp Daily

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Cut Worms – Hollow Ground

“Explores the intersection of early pop-rock and traditional country, with melody as top priority every step of the way.” – Paste

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Brent Cobb – Providence Canyon

“Brent Cobb’s ‘Providence Canyon’ Is an Earthy, Idiosyncratic Nashville Gem … Cobb’s as much a throwback Southern rocker as a modern country singer, and his sound continues re-shaping the Nashville Sound into an earthier, more idiosyncratic thing. ” – Rolling Stone

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Tim Hart – The Narrow Corner

“On ‘The Narrow Corner’, Tim weaves striking lyrical imagery that encapsulates a sense of personal memory, making it a vivid storytelling album in a similar vein to songwriters such as Simon & Garfunkel.” – Scenestr

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