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SUNDAY, MAY 24 – Here is today’s COVID-19 update with new numbers, projections, and links to positive and useful news (near the bottom of the page.) Stay safe, wash your hands, take your Vitamin D, and don’t be a spreader!

In addition to this dashboard, I am maintaining a timeline of COVID-19 events. If you haven’t done so already, please read this post: Why I’m Taking Vitamin D in the Age of COVID-19.

Updated Numbers

Notes on Georgia test data: Per the Georgia Department of Public Health, The State of Georgia is combining both molecular tests (testing people to see if they have the disease at the time of testing) and serology tests (testing people for antibodies to see if they had the disease in the past) into its “Total Tests” figure. At this point in time, they are not yet publishing separate numbers for these two kinds of tests.

Notes on Case Fatality Rates: The fatality rates listed above represent the Case Fatality Rates (or “CFR“) in each geography. CFR is calculated by dividing the number of confirmed fatalities by the number of confirmed infections (people who have tested positive.) The actual fatality rate of people who become infected with COVID-19, also known as the Infected Fatality Rate (or “IFR“) is undoubtedly lower than the CFR, because many people have presumably become infected but did not get tested for the disease. As of right now, however, we have no good data to tell us what the IFR might be.

Updated Charts

Observations on Today’s Numbers

United States

  • The seven-day average of new cases in the United States had been trending downward since April 25, but as of May 18 it has remained relatively flat.
  • The seven-day average for daily deaths continues to move downward. It’s now at 45% of the peak that occurred on April 21.
  • This week’s total deaths (8,200 people) is the lowest weekly fatality total since April 5.


  • The seven-day trends for new cases and deaths are moving upward.
  • The seven-day average for daily deaths has been increasing since May 13.
  • This week’s total fatalities (218 people) is higher than last week’s total.
  • The seven-day average for daily new cases has been increasing since May 18.

Projections Based on Doubling Periods


Note: The following maps are interactive. You can hover over and click on elements to see additional data. For example, hover over a county to see data for that county, or click the word “Fatalities” to change the map to show per capita deaths.

Positive and Useful News

In an effort to provide some relief from the endless stream of scary news about COVID-19, these daily updates will include links to any available positive or constructive news related to this disease. Here are today’s links:

Treatments, Testing, Tracking, and Vaccines

Masks, Ventilators, and Personal Protective Equipment

Other Useful and Interesting News

Data Sources