This post contains a list of authoritative sources for data and other facts related to the COVID-19 pandemic. It includes links to sites where you can find numbers and other data about COVID-19 testing, infections, hospitalizations, deaths, and vaccinations. Because I and most of my family live in the state of Georgia, I have included links for both the United States as well as Georgia.

If you have a question related to COVID-19 that can’t be answered by one of these links, or if you know of a better source than one I’ve chosen, feel free to contact me at lee-dot-coursey-at-gmail-dot-com.

For a detailed weekly report of COVID-19 trends in the United States and Georgia, see my Weekly COVID-19 Status Dashboard which includes current numbers, trends, lots of charts and graphs, analysis of the numbers, and links to this week’s useful news items about vaccines, variants, treatments, and more.

United States COVID-19 Data Sources


Georgia COVID-19 Data Sources

World COVID-19 Data Sources

Other Related Data Sources

The links in this section point to data sources I use when answering questions or preparing analyses that require information beyond COVID-19 metrics. For example, sometimes answering a question requires data about population, the health burden of influenza, etc.

USA Flu (Influenza) Data

Georgia Flu (Influenza) Data

Population Estimates

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