Automating the Web with If This, Then That

I have quickly become a fan of a new web service called If This, Then That, which lives at This cool, simple, easy-to-use site allows you to create simple rules that trigger all sorts of actions on the web automatically. You can create tasks that fit into this simple structure: IF THIS, THEN THAT.

For example, you can set up a task that says, “IF [I change my Facebook profile picture] THEN [also update my Twitter profile picture].” Or, “IF [someone tags me in a photo on Facebook] THEN [download that picture to my Dropbox account].”

The web site makes setup and maintenance of these rules VERY simple – it’s all done with point and click ease. The web site currently supports tons of popular online services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn, DropBox, Foursquare, Instagram, Flickr, and TONS more. Below is a screenshot of some of my ifttt tasks. Check it out today – it could save you a LOT of time.


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