If you’re looking for a way to support both small business owners and the black community in Atlanta, what better way than by patronizing black-owned restaurants? To help with that effort, I’ve put together a long list of black-owned restaurants in Atlanta. Each entry in the list includes the restaurant’s name, type of cuisine, street address, telephone number, and website.

A few of these restaurants are closed due to COVID-19, but most of them are still open and serving food via take-out, contact-less pickup, and delivery. Please browse the list, visit their websites, and then call to see how you can best enjoy their food.

This list was inspired by lists posted to social media by The Village Market, @aliensdigest on Twitter, Bomb Biscuits on Instagram, and Atlanta Eats. I merged their lists together, then went through the process of cutting-and-pasting all the addresses, phone numbers, and websites into a spreadsheet.

You can click here to see the list of 70+ black-owned restaurants in the Atlanta area, or copy and paste the URL below (the list is stored in a Google spreadsheet.)


If you identify an error in my list, or know of other black-owned restaurants in the Atlanta area that I should add, please send an e-mail to lee.coursey@gmail.com. Happy eating!

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