Saturday, December 16, 2017
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  • The US Military Admits It Spent $22 Million Investigating UFOs December 16, 2017
    Long-time Slashdot reader Joosy writes, "Until 2012 the Pentagon had a program, the 'Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program', that tracked unidentified flying objects." An anonymous reader writes: The Pentagon finally acknowledged the existence of the $22 million program today to the New York Times, while also claiming that they closed the program five years ago. […]
  • Bitcoin jumps another 10 percent in 24 hours to pass $19,000 December 16, 2017
    Enlarge / A Soyuz rocket launches from Baikonur, Kazakhstan. (credit: NASA) Bitcoin's price set a new record on Saturday as the virtual currency rose above $19,000 for the first time on the Bitstamp exchange. The gains came just hours after the currency crossed the $18,000 mark. Bitcoin's value has doubled over the last three weeks, […]
    Timothy B. Lee
  • North Korea hackers steal bitcoin by targeting currency insiders December 16, 2017
    Bitcoin values are skyrocketing, and North Korea appears to be trying to profit from that virtual gold rush. Secureworks reports that the Lazarus Group (a team linked to the North Korean government) has been conducting a spearphishing campaign again...
  • Google Home Max review: the best-sounding smart speaker yet, but it's too expensive for mass appeal at $399 (Ty Pendlebury/CNET) December 16, 2017
    Ty Pendlebury / CNET:Google Home Max review: the best-sounding smart speaker yet, but it's too expensive for mass appeal at $399  —  Review Sections  —  Review  —  Prices  — CNET - Audio - Speakers - Google Home Max  —  The Google Home Max is not the first smart speaker to aim for better audio quality […]
  • Dark vs. Light: 'Star Wars' fans storm social media with dueling 'Last Jedi' opinions December 16, 2017
    Spoiler alert! This post contains big spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Seriously, get out of here now if you don't want to know what happens. The critical response to The Last Jedi has been overwhelmingly positive, with reviews lauding the film for — among other things — deviating from the Star Wars norm. […]
    Chloe Bryan
  • BMW is investing in the future with a new test track for self-driving cars December 16, 2017
    There's a new racetrack in the works in the Czech Republic, but don't expect to see just any vehicle take to the new loop. Rather, this test track is made specifically for the testing of self-driving and electric cars from automaker BMW. The post BMW is investing in the future with a new test track for self-driving […]
    Lulu Chang
  • Make Your Own Vanilla Extract in Just Two Hours, With Your Instant Pot December 16, 2017
    Vanilla extract is usually made by steeping vanilla beans in alcohol for weeks and weeks and weeks. But the Instant Pot laughs in the face of linear time, and with it, you can make vanilla extract in an hour.Read more...
    Jaime Green on Skillet, shared by Jaime Green to Lifehacker
  • Predictive Keyboard Tries To Write a New Harry Potter Chapter December 16, 2017
    Long-time Slashdot reader Baron_Yam writes, "Some AI news items are amusing. This is one of those." ProKras reports: What do you get when a predictive keyboard app tries to write a new Harry Potter story? Apparently, you get Chapter 13 from Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash. […]
  • Firefox users cry foul after stealth ‘Mr. Robot’ promo app secretly installs December 16, 2017
    When an extension was installed on their browsers without permission, many Firefox users were confused and alarmed. Although it was just a promotion for Mr. Robot, the clumsy stunt caused a backlash among users. The post Firefox users cry foul after stealth ‘Mr. Robot’ promo app secretly installs appeared first on Digital Trends.
    Mark Austin
  • Firefox users lose trust in Mozilla after a 'Mr. Robot' promo went horribly wrong December 16, 2017
    Protip for Mozilla and the USA Network: In the future when you're plotting a tie-in for a show about vigilante hackers, maybe don't actually compromise people's privacy. Some Firefox users were none too thrilled to discover that the web browser had installed an add-on called "Looking Glass" without permission. Bearing a description that read simply, […]
    Adam Rosenberg
  • Porsche’s Panamera hybrids are so popular that battery makers are struggling to keep up December 16, 2017
    Porche's Panamera hybrid sedan is proving more popular than Porsche expected, and that's making things difficult for the companies that produce batteries for hybrid and electric cars. The post Porsche’s Panamera hybrids are so popular that battery makers are struggling to keep up appeared first on Digital Trends.
    Eric Brackett
  • CDC barred from using 'science-based' in budget documents December 16, 2017
    We can just imagine CDC personnel still shaking their heads after finding out that they can't use certain terms in official documents for next year's budget. According to The Washington Post, the Trump administration has prohibited the CDC from using...
  • Google News Will Purge Sites Masking Their Country of Origin December 16, 2017
    An anonymous reader quotes Bloomberg: Google moved to strip from its news search results publications that mask their country of origin or intentionally mislead readers, a further step to curb the spread of fake news that has plagued internet companies this year. To appear in Google News results, websites must meet broad criteria set out […]
  • ‘L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files’ Workaround Adds Support for Rift and Windows VR Headsets December 16, 2017
    L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files launched to much excitement yesterday, but it wasn’t long before it was revealed that the game explicitly blocks OpenVR-compatible headsets other than the Vive. Luckily a free, unofficial workaround has been released which adds support for the Oculus Rift and Windows VR headsets to LA Noire VR. Legendary emancipator […]
    Ben Lang
  • Google News Will Purge Sites Masking Their Country of Origin December 16, 2017
    An anonymous reader quotes Bloomberg: Google moved to strip from its news search results publications that mask their country of origin or intentionally mislead readers, a further step to curb the spread of fake news that has plagued internet companies this year. To appear in Google News results, websites must meet broad criteria set out […]

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  • Can Robots now be given citizenship? December 16, 2017
    Could robots vote for effective political leadership? Arguably they could do this better than humans. They are far better at fact-checking for obvious lies, and far better at gauging the sincerity of statements by analysing body language, facial movements and vocal tonality of speakers,' says Devangshu Datta.
  • Will Robots Take Care Of Grandma? That Tech Could Be On The Horizon December 16, 2017
    Would you trust your kids or elderly parents in the hands of a machine? Well, new technology could be on the horizon that would give caregivers to take advantage of robotics and artificial intelligence. Larry Unrein, an executive at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, said they had invested in a Silicon Valley startup that specializes in […]
  • Sex robots with Artificial Intelligence? Cyborgs could be made to read human emotion December 16, 2017
    Theoretically, this could have a huge impact on the sex robot market with cyborgs that understand how their user is feeling. State-of-the-art robots that are currently on the market are able to communicate and move but cannot properly engage on an emotional level with people.
  • Robots, railguns, lasers to team with Soldiers on battlefield December 16, 2017
    It's December and many are doing their holiday shopping or making a wish list of gifts they'd like to receive. During the Future Ground Combat Vehicle Summit here earlier this month, Army acquisition professionals and program managers had their own wish lists that included an assortment of robots and ground combat vehicles meant to protect […]
  • Robots must pay TAX' Workers demand automatons - pay their... December 16, 2017
    A recent survey reveals a third of all workers believe automatons will be doing their job within the next 15 years. The poll of 1,000 people also showed 57% of workers think these robots should be taxed in some form.
  • Martti is the first Finnish robot car to challenge snow and ice December 16, 2017
    Martti, the robot car developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, is the first automated car to have driven fully autonomously on a real snow-covered road. On top of that, it also succeeded in making a new speed record of 40 km/h on the Aurora E8 intelligent road in Muonio, probably setting a new […]
  • Best Robot Kits for Kids December 16, 2017
    To get ahead in the 21st century, children not only need to be able to use technology but to develop it. That's why so many parents want their kids to learn how to code, and there's no better way to accomplish that task than with a programmable robot kit.
  • Capitalism's Failure Of The Flesh: The Rise Of The Robots December 16, 2017
    "Yet we insist on remaining mentally epoxied to electronic appliances, as the oceans of our technology besieged planet die, as the atmosphere is choked with heat-holding greenhouse gas emissions, and, as a result, exquisite, living things disappear forever." Humankind, being an inherently tool-making species, has always been in a relationship with technology.
  • A new low-cost, simple way to measure medical vital signs with radio waves December 16, 2017
    A radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag, used to monitor vital signs, can go into your pocket or be woven into a shirt (credit: Cornell) Replacing devices based on 19th-century technology* and still in use, Cornell University engineers have developed a simple method for gathering blood pressure, heart rate, and breath rate from multiple patients simultaneously. It uses […]
  • Robots multiply in China with annual output passing 100,000 December 16, 2017
    Annual production of industrial robots surpassed 100,000 for the first time -- and it only took 10 months. Shipments were up 67 percent through October compared with a year earlier, state media reported Thursday.
  • 'IT' Director Andy Muschietti Teaming with The Russo Brothers for Apocalyptic Sci-Fi December 16, 2017
    Two of Hollywood's powerhouse creative sibling duos are teaming up for an apocalyptic alt-history sci-fi. Russo Brothers Studios won out in a competitive bidding war for the rights to The Electric State , an illustrated novel from artist Simon Stalenhag , which will team up Captain America: Civil War duo Joe and Anthony Russo with […]
  • The Researcher Who Wants to Bring AI to Factories December 16, 2017
    Foxconn employs more than 1 million people and tens of thousands of robots making iPhones and other electronics. It has a reputation for cost cutting, including at the expense of its workers .
  • AI won't lead to 'jobpacalype' overnight, panel agrees December 16, 2017
    You probably won't be replaced in the office by an artificial intelligence algorithm tomorrow, but get ready to pick up some new skills to make yourself useful as more human tasks become automated, a panel of experts cautioned at IT World Canada's Technicity event Dec. 12. The rapid adoption of AI by many industries has […]
  • Plumbers and nurses will be last to lose jobs to robots December 16, 2017
    All human jobs will be replaced by robots in the future, but plumbers, electricians and nurses will stay in employment the longest, according to an artificial intelligence expert. U.S author Martin Ford, who has written a bestselling book on robots, warned that soon, humans wont be able to compete with machines in any vocation.
  • Security robot loses its job after vandalism, threats - CNET December 16, 2017
    A Knightscope K-5 security robot comes with cameras and is designed to patrol outdoor areas in conjunction with human security help. Maybe someday the robots will take all our jobs away, but this week, it was a robot that got a pink slip.

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  • Donald Trump holds off hitting the Gulf carriers with sanctions December 15, 2017
    WHEN Donald Trump became America’s president nearly a year ago, lobbyists campaigning for protection for the country’s airlines against competition from the Middle East were overjoyed. But they were less happy on December 13th when it was revealed that Donald Trump has decided to hold off on imposing sanctions against the three big Gulf carriers—Emirates […]
  • An accounting scandal sends Steinhoff plummeting December 14, 2017
    Steinhoff goes on special offerTHE scale is staggering, even by the standards of scandal-worn South Africa. Steinhoff, a retailer that is one of the country’s best-known companies, admitted to “accounting irregularities” on December 6th when it was due to publish year-end financial statements. Its chief executive, Markus Jooste, resigned, and the firm announced an internal […]
  • American business has concerns on tax reform December 14, 2017
    PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP’S effort to change America’s tax code is approaching the finishing line. Republican negotiators from the Senate and the House of Representatives this week hashed out a consensus bill behind closed doors. On December 13th, Mr Trump expressed confidence that he would be able to sign the reform into law before Christmas.The key […]
  • The global property business tries to adapt to e-commerce December 14, 2017
    Stores of valueFIFTH AVENUE in New York is the most expensive stretch of retail property in the world, now festooned with lights in the approach to Christmas. The pavements heave with crowds eager to see the diamonds sparkling at Tiffany & Co, a jeweller, and festive displays at Saks Fifth Avenue, a department store. But […]
  • Companies in the region vote with their feet against political uncertainty December 14, 2017
    Employees, customers, separatists“WE ARE used to dealing with political crises, but not a break in the rule of law,” says the boss of a big Barcelona cement firm, of Catalonia’s constitutional crisis. Fearing separatists in the region would declare independence, as they did on October 27th, he shifted its headquarters to Madrid. That ended decades […]
  • America’s Public Company Accounting Oversight Board gets a new boss December 14, 2017
    THE collapses of Enron and WorldCom in the early years of this century turned book-cooking into front-page news. Investors lost over $200bn; in 2002 the stockmarket fell by over a fifth between April and July. In response, America’s Sarbanes-Oxley Act set up a new body, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), to supervise auditors.Its […]
  • The Santa clause December 14, 2017
    DEAR Team, I trust you are looking forward to your vacations and that the spirit of love and generosity infuses your family gatherings. I also hope that this spirit will be left next to the Christmas tree when you return to work at this incredible company on January 2nd. Because 2018 is going to be […]
  • Not even “The Last Jedi” will reverse Americans’ retreat from cinemas December 14, 2017
    THE new “Star Wars” film opens this week. “The Last Jedi” arrives in cinemas in time to boost expected ticket sales for the year to about $11bn in America, only slightly down from last year’s record. But the American film industry is in trouble. Tickets sold per person have declined to their lowest point since […]
  • Oil and gas supply disruptions ripple around the world December 14, 2017
    The Baumgarten blastCALL it the hydrocarbon equivalent of the butterfly effect. As oil and gas supplies tighten during the northern winter, disruptions as remote as a hairline fracture on a piece of Scottish pipeline, and an explosion in an Austrian natural-gas plant, have repercussions felt around the world.Start with the pipeline. After Ineos, a chemicals […]


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  • Report: CDC gets list of 7 banned words December 16, 2017
    The Washington Post, citing an analyst, reports the Trump administration is prohibiting officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from using a list of words in some documents
  • Trump calls wife of hospitalized Sen. John McCain December 16, 2017
    John McCain was admitted this week to Walter Reed Medical Center due to side effects from his cancer treatment
  • Trump touts tax plan ahead of expected vote December 16, 2017
    President Trump on Saturday touted how "fantastic" the GOP tax bill will be for "middle-income people"
  • Poll: 52 percent say country worse off under Trump December 16, 2017
    Just three in 10 Americans said the U.S. is heading in the right direction, according to a poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research
  • Will Republicans be able to hold onto their majority next year? December 16, 2017
    CBS News political director Steve Chaggaris joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss how the sweeping tax bill, if passed, could pay off for the GOP, why voters won't feel the impact of the new plan until 2019 and how that could affect midterm elections, and Roy Moore's refusal to concede the Alabama Senate seat […]
  • "This is happening": Republicans revel in all-but-certain tax deal December 16, 2017
    It's the widest-ranging reshaping of the tax code in three decades and is expected to add to the nation's $20 trillion debt
  • DOJ watchdog says office wasn't consulted on public release of texts December 16, 2017
    The DOJ is defending its decision to release the anti-Trump texts from former Mueller team member Peter Strzok
  • Arrests along the U.S.-Mexico border surge December 16, 2017
    U.S. government announced a seventh straight monthly increase in people being arrested or denied along the border, erasing much of the early gains of Trump's push to tighten the border
  • What's inside the final Republican tax bill? December 16, 2017
    President Trump may get his wish: a tax reform measure ready for his signature by Christmas. Washington Post congressional reporter Ed O'Keefe joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss what the final tax bill looks like, the biggest winners in the plan and why most Republican holdouts have come around to this version of the […]
  • Key GOP holdouts expected to vote yes on tax bill December 16, 2017
    After weeks of wavering prospects, Republican lawmakers appear to have enough votes to pass their tax plan. Republican leaders expect Congress to approve the bill as soon as next week but lawmakers still have to read the fine print, and might spend the weekend going through its more than 500 pages. Errol Barnett reports.

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  • Mark Dion: The Science of Art December 16, 2017
    “Misadventures of a 21st-Century Naturalist” isn’t comprehensive, but it offers a good overview of Mark Dion’s art. Viewers get an introduction to his primary method: gathering objects—whether on a self-conducted excavation or through the more casual means of collecting—and arranging them according to varying logics to create meticulous tableaux, often in the form of cabinets. […]
    Jillian Steinhauer
  • Celebrity Picks: Cassandra Clare's Favorite Reads of 2017 December 16, 2017
    Cassandra Clare understands the hearts of young adults. Between her Shadowhunter Chronicles—which includes her blockbuster Mortal Instruments series—and the Magisterium series that she cowrites with Holly Black, Clare has unlocked the secrets of teens everywhere struggling with who they are...and, more important, who they can become. This year marks the ten-year anniversary of The City […]
    Adrian Liang
  • Newsbook: Amid California Forest Fires, 3 Books Set Among Flames December 16, 2017
    These books explore historical fires and the lives they have touched.
  • PHOTOS: Animals That Could Disappear Because Of Us December 16, 2017
    And the well-being of humans could suffer if the species go extinct. The images are from a new book, 'Endangered,' by Tim Flach.(Image credit: Tim Flach)
    Angus Chen
  • Newsbook: Amid California Forest Fires, 3 Books Set Among Flames December 16, 2017
    These books explore historical fires and the lives they have touched.
  • Model, Countess, Author, Spy: Aline Griffith Is Dead December 16, 2017
    An American espionage agent in Madrid in World War II, she went on to recount daring adventures (embroidered or not) in a raft of books.
  • What Is Your Choice for Word of the Year? December 16, 2017
    Oxford Dictionaries chose “youthquake” as the international Word of the Year, which has some people scratching their heads. Do you have a better idea?
  • The Book Review Podcast: Mary Beard on ‘Women & Power’ December 15, 2017
    Beard discusses her new manifesto, and Hillary Chute talks about “Why Comics? From Underground to Everywhere.”
  • Weekend Reading December 15, 2017
    In this edition, surviving survivalism, something for Star Wars fans, and a budding literary trend... Erin Kodicek: I'm inadvertently picking up books having to do with survivalism lately (this from the girl who will only go camping if there is a cabin with indoor plumbing...). Just finished Kristin Hannah's forthcoming The Great Alone (it's a […]
    Erin Kodicek
  • The Book Review Podcast: Mary Beard on ‘Women & Power’ December 15, 2017
    Beard discusses her new manifesto, and Hillary Chute talks about “Why Comics? From Underground to Everywhere.”
  • Children’s Books: Live Art With Children’s Book Illustrators December 15, 2017
    Visual artists have always had an important place in children’s literature. Watch leading children’s books illustrators draw, paint, collage and discuss books with The Times’s children’s books editor, Maria Russo.
  • Children’s Books: Live Art With Children’s Book Illustrators December 15, 2017
    Visual artists have always had an important place in children’s literature. Watch leading children’s books illustrators draw, paint, collage and discuss books with The Times’s children’s books editor, Maria Russo.
  • [insert "Baby, It's Cold Outside" headline here] December 15, 2017
    We love the change of seasons, but even in places that don't get the classic autumn colors and winter snowdrifts, traveling in fall and winter brings tons of other benefits: lower prices, fewer crowds, and pleasant temperatures. Anne and Mike Howard know this better than most; they left on their honeymoon in 2012 and have […]
  • Paperback Row December 15, 2017
    Six new paperbacks to check out this week.
  • The Rural Vision of Ravilious & Friends December 15, 2017
    There is a palpable mood of nostalgia in England at present. This may have been expressed politically in Brexit, but it is also visible in the popular taste for “heritage” and lost worlds. In particular, Britain is awash with books and films about World War II, which all these painters lived through and which became […]
    Geoffrey Wheatcroft

RSS Art and Design

  • Out of the fog: ‘missing’ Monet found through the power of the web December 16, 2017
    Painting of artist’s rural retreat, unseen in exhibition since 1895, will now go on show at National GalleryTracking down lost works of art usually involves poring over obscure documents in galleries, archives and libraries, searching for clues. But the curator of a forthcoming National Gallery exhibition on Claude Monet will be featuring a “missing” painting […]
    Dalya Alberge
  • Surrealism and the city – in pictures December 16, 2017
    Brooklyn-based photographer Ben Zank has an eye for the unusual. His urban portraits – many of them self-portraits – present a surreal depiction of the struggles of everyday life, inspired by the area he lives and works in. While he attempts to capture as much of the final effect as possible using the camera, digital […]
    Lauren Kelly
  • 100 Fiberglass and Resin Skulls Fill a Room at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne December 16, 2017
    Ron Mueck, an Australian artist known for his hyperrealistic figural sculptures, has created his largest work to date. His installation Mass contains 100 human skulls which are scattered and stacked throughout a gallery at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. The individual forms are created from fiberglass and resin, and when stood upright, rise to approximately three […]
    Kate Sierzputowski
  • The 20 photographs of the week December 16, 2017
    A memorial service for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire, protests in Ramallah and wildfires in California – the week’s biggest news stories captured by the world’s best photojournalists Continue reading...
    Jim Powell
  • Beyond Batman: how Indigenous superheroes are turning comics inside out December 16, 2017
    Mainstream comics have kept Indigenous characters on the fringe, but a new exhibition is focused on unlocking their superpowers In 1988, while Australia was disingenuously promising a treaty to placate the First Peoples protesting against bicentenary celebrations, an Aboriginal character called Gateway appeared in the comic Uncanny Xmen #229. The mutant superhero Wolverine was perplexed, […]
    Tyson Yunkaporta
  • Following the Death of Its Curator, the LA Art Book Fair Has Canceled Its 2018 Edition December 16, 2017
    The LA Art Book Fair will suspend operations next year following the death of its curator Shannon Michael Cane. Printed Matter, the bookstore that organizes the beloved event in Los Angeles and New York, has vowed to resume the LA fair in 2019. Cane—who died in November at age 43—led the West Coast event since its […]
    Brian Boucher
  • From David Hockney’s Greatest Triumph to the Scandalous New Richard Avedon Book: The Best and Worst of the Art World This Week December 16, 2017
    BEST How a Masterful Exhibition Gets Made – Henri Neuendorf spoke to the curator of the Met’s blockbuster Michelangelo show to find out why it was next to impossible to pull off, and required a signature from the Queen of England. When Spike Lee Needed an Artist…  – Tatyana Fazlalizadeh told artnet News how her grassroots art […]
    Caroline Goldstein
  • Returning to the Jungle: The Artwork of Dawid Planeta December 15, 2017
    To Krakow-based artist Dawid Planeta, the jungle is a metaphor for “the mysterious world of [our] emotions”; as children, we explore the jungle with joy and curiosity, but as we age, we detach; the landscapes become alien and filled with fear. Last year, when Planeta became depressed, he turned to art. He began “Mini People,”...
    Hayley Evans
  • See Former ‘Girls’ Star Jemima Kirke’s New Paintings of Bummed-Out Brides December 15, 2017
    Earlier this year, Jemima Kirke, the British artist and one of the stars of HBO’s show Girls, began asking friends to pose for her in their wedding dresses. But the brides in the resulting paintings are not exuberant and luminous. In fact, they look kind of miserable. The portraits comprise Kirke’s first solo exhibition at […]
    Henri Neuendorf
  • The ‘Weinstein Effect’ Flooded Miami Beach With Feminist Art—But Will It Last? December 15, 2017
    On the heels of the viral #MeToo movement and an outpouring of sexual harassment allegations in recent months—including fallen art world luminaries Knight Landesman and Jens Hoffman—there was a distinctly feminist energy at Art Basel Miami Beach last week, an event not always known for its political high-mindedness. From the debut of an all-woman art fair to an […]
    Sarah Cascone
  • Mar-a-Lago Has a Feisty New Neighbor December 15, 2017
    Beth Rudin DeWoody opens a space for her vast collection of provocative contemporary art in West Palm Beach.
  • The 4 Glass Ceilings: How Women Artists Get Stiffed at Every Stage of Their Careers December 15, 2017
    By now, it has been well established that it’s hard for female artists to make it in the art world. But when it comes to attaining art-market success, new research suggests it’s even more difficult for women than you may have thought. The dismal findings are part of a joint study released this week by […]
    Julia Halperin
  • More Artists Join Candice Breitz’s Creative Protest of Museum’s Link to Abusive Refugee Camps December 15, 2017
    Following a bold statement from South African artist Candice Breitz, protests are escalating at Australia’s National Gallery of Victoria, where the NGV Triennial opened today. The museum is being taken to task for its employ of Wilson Security, a company that has been widely accused of abusing refugees held in Australia’s offshore detention centers. Calling on the museum to […]
    Sarah Cascone
  • Disused Distillery Becomes the Antwerp Art Scene’s Newest, Biggest Thing December 15, 2017
    The Kanaal complex designed by the art dealer and interior designer Axel Vervoordt reinforces the Belgian city’s resurgence as a cultural hub.
  • Quirky New Felt Storybook Characters by ‘Cat Rabbit’ December 15, 2017
    Textile artist Cat Rabbit (previously) continues to produce a variety of croissant-headed spindly-legged felt creatures, all made by hand in her Melbourne studio. Many of the pieces seen here are special commissions, and several characters also make appearances in storybooks called Soft Stories, a collaboration with Isobel Knowles. You can see more Cat Rabbit goodness […]
    Christopher Jobson

RSS Photography

  • Cyndi by Holger Nitschke December 16, 2017
    Cyndi by Holger Nitschke Model: Cyndi Couture: Lena-Marie Carstens Hair/Makeup: Ilka Preuth Photo: Holger Nitschke Holger Nitschke: Photos
  • Adobe Alternative: Luminar 2018 Photo Editing Software Review December 16, 2017
    Luminar 2018, for Mac and Windows, is a universal all-in-one photo app designed to offer everything a modern photographer needs for photo editing. Luminar features advanced controls that are easy to use. Intelligent filters like Accent AI make it easy to get a great-looking image in seconds. Users will also benefit from new intelligent filters […]
    Nate Kay
  • My Experience Photographing for the National Park Service December 16, 2017
    My name is Connar L’Ecuyer, and I shoot photographs for the National Park Service. That’s me in the photo above, off-duty in front of one of my LAX prints. Currently, I am working at the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, which is down in Southern California, near Malibu and Santa Monica. I started by […]
    Connar L’Ecuyer
  • Man’s Photo Shows DJI Drone Near His Plane While Landing in LA December 16, 2017
    Melbourne-based photographer Simon Pollock was landing at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday when he looked out his window and spotted a DJI camera drone flying just a small distance away. “Drones. All fun and games until you’re looking out your window on approach to LAX and you spot a Phantom just out your window […]
    <a href="">Michael Zhang</a>
  • Kuvrd is a Universal Waterproof and Dustproof Lens Cap December 16, 2017
    Tired of keeping track of all your different lens caps? Kuvrd’s Universal Lens Cap is a new “one size fits all” lens cap that is both water- and dust-proof. It’s made of silicon and can keep all (or most) of your lenses safe. The lens cap will stretch easily to fit the front of lenses […]
    <a href="">Will Nicholls</a>
  • Selectively sharpen your photos non-destructively with a high pass filter mask December 16, 2017
    Sharpening is one of those parts of digital photography on which everybody has their own opinion. How much, when in the process to do it, using what method, selective vs global, and even whether to apply sharpening at all. Whichever method you choose (or don’t), it’s always good to know multiple methods. When your chosen […]
    John Aldred
  • Instagram Introduces Hashtag Following & That’s Important | Pulling A Nail From The Coffin Of Organic Reach? December 16, 2017
    For better or for worse, Instagram is constantly transforming. There have been concerns since its 2012 acquisition by Facebook with subsequent algorithm alteration and push for sponsored content that organic reach would go the way of, well, Facebook. Instagram’s developers have been tinkering though, and for those who were feeling dismal about the app’s evolution, […]
    Holly Roa
  • Top Three Photography Business Resolutions For 2018 December 16, 2017
    It’s that time of the year again – New Year’s resolutions! In this article I am going to take a look back at the photography business goals I set for myself last year, and re-calibrate my resolutions for 2018. Everyone has different goals and business targets so I hope you’ll leave a comment and share […]
    JP Danko
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Jason Bell Photographs The Cast For British Vogue December 16, 2017
    In case you’d been too caught up making signs to petition the NetNeutrality repeal this week, Star Wars is back in cinema, and given it’s the late Carrie Fisher’s last appearance in the iconic franchise, it’s an even more important one. How it has done so well doesn’t take Poirot-level inspection to understand why it […]
    Kishore Sawh
  • How I stitched 105 exposures to create a 620MP night-to-day panorama of New York City December 16, 2017
    Created from 105 individual exposures taken over many hours, “New York Transitions I” captures the dawn of a new day in New York City. I wanted to portray the magic of the skyline at both nighttime and daytime in a single image so I planned to create a VAST photo that transitioned from night to […]
    Dan Piech
  • return to port by Jason Oh December 16, 2017
    return to port by Jason Oh The rising of the sun the moment Boil the ocean rises. Returning the ship went out to work and gulls followed them. Jason Oh: Photos
  • Waterman's Sunset by Miles O'Sullivan December 16, 2017
    Waterman's Sunset by Miles O'Sullivan This is an image taken of a friend, a talented photographer in Los Angeles, while we were shooting with two surfers on this evening of good pulse. Waves were small, but clean and punchy, and the sunset was stunning. My friend put his camera down for a little while to […]
  • Golden beginnings by Emy Dossett December 16, 2017
    Golden beginnings by Emy Dossett Emy Dossett: Photos
  • Singlefin by Jorick Bertin December 16, 2017
    Singlefin by Jorick Bertin My favorite toy to ride sweet lines, good waves and keep smiling. Jorick Bertin: Photos
  • Big Island Lava Flow by James Rubio December 16, 2017
    Big Island Lava Flow by James Rubio Kalapana Lava Flow, February 2017 James Rubio: Photos

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  • Krispy Kreme Offering Free Glazed Donuts on Ugly Sweater Day December 16, 2017
    Image Caption: Exclusive Brief: 0Krispy Kreme Doughnuts chose the warmest & fuzziest day of the year to give customers its most beautiful offer. Guests can visit participating Krispy Kreme shops on Ugly Sweater Day on Friday and get a free Original Glazed Dozen with the purchase of any dozen doughnuts. Ugly sweaters are not required.Chains: Krispy Kreme
  • Kroger’s Kitchen 1883 delivers New American Comfort December 15, 2017
    Kroger’s Kitchen 1883 in Union, Ky. — not far from the company’s headquarters in Cincinnati — is a full-service restaurant offering “New American Comfort” cuisine, which “assimilates flavors from the melting pot of traditional American cooking techni
    Mark Hamstra
  • Kroger’s culinary efforts seen ramping up in 2018 December 15, 2017
    Kitchen 1883, new culinary training center drive foodservice initiatives
    Mark Hamstra
  • Minigrow is not just a smaller Honeygrow December 15, 2017
    Chain launches concept for high-density lunch traffic
    Bret Thorn
  • Muscle Maker $20M mini-IPO moves forward December 15, 2017
    The chain plans to open 42 stores and break even next year.
    Kim Khan
  • Franchisors ‘can be very comfortable’ in wake of NLRB reversal December 15, 2017
    Attorney says joint-employer ruling returns stability to industry
    Ron Ruggless
  • Minigrow is not just a smaller Honeygrow December 15, 2017
    Chain launches concept for high-density lunch traffic
    Bret Thorn
  • ParTech Named to Food Logistics' List December 15, 2017
    Image Caption: Exclusive Brief: 0ParTech, Inc., a leading global provider of point of sale and workforce efficiency solutions to the restaurant and retail industries, announced the SureCheck Food Safety Solution will be included in Food Logistics 2017 FL100+ Top Software and Technology Providers list. Food Logistics is the only publication exclusively dedicated to covering the movement of […]
  • Sprinkles Cupcakes Partners with T3 to Overhaul Digital December 15, 2017
    Image Caption: Exclusive Brief: 0T3, the Austin-based innovation agency, has been selected by Sprinkles Cupcakes to assist in modernizing the bakery’s digital experience (including online ordering), making it easier, faster and more fun for dessert fans to interact with and experience the brand. A major focus of this effort is the integration of a new online ordering […]
  • Papa John’s Teaming Up with Salvation Army to Give Back December 15, 2017
    Image Caption: Exclusive Brief: 0Papa John’s International, Inc. is helping you give the gift of free pizza to the nurse spending nights caring for others, to your best friend whose couch you sleep on too often, or even to the coworker who let you borrow that stapler for the third time. Papa John’s is giving back by […]
  • Honeygrow Spinoff Minigrow Expanding in Manhattan December 15, 2017
    Image Caption: Exclusive Brief: 0On Wednesday, minigrow opened the doors of its newest store in Manhattan, located on Broadway near 38th Street, in New York City. This is the concept’s second Manhattan location (their first opened October 30 on Madison Avenue between 40th and 41st Streets), with a third to follow next week on 7th Avenue near […]
  • 5 Tips to Reduce Food Waste in Your Restaurant December 15, 2017
    In the restaurant industry we see more food than anybody in America. It may come as a surprise that despite this abundance of food there are still millions of people who have no idea where their next meal is coming from. According to Feeding America, America produces an estimated 70 billion tons of food waste […]

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  • Help Prevent the Extinction of the North Atlantic Right Whale
    Commercial whaling began in the 1800s and almost drove all species of whales to extinction. Many have still not fully recovered and are listed as endangered. That includes the North Atlantic right whale, which is one of the rarest marine mammal species. Only about 450 of these whales still exist. In what the National Oceanic […]
    Judy Molland
  • All-Vegan Diet Proposed for L.A.’s Shelter Dogs
    Earlier this year, the Los Angeles City Council announced its intention to make L.A. the largest no-kill city in the United States. And now the city’s animal shelters may become one-of-a-kind for another reason: a commissioner on the city’s Board of Animal Services has proposed that dogs in the six shelters be fed an all-vegan diet. The proposal was […]
    Laura Goldman
  • The Twelve Furry Faces of the Holiday Season
    This time of year, we want everyone to enjoy a warm and cozy holiday season full of laughter and love—and the same goes for our furry friends! Some of our longer-term residents at the ASPCA Adoption Center are hoping that they will be able to ring in the New Year with a loving family and a warm […]
  • Over 82,000 Say No to Slaughtering Chickens Even Faster
    In September, a poultry-industry lobbying group called the National Chicken Council (NCC) asked the federal government to allow faster processing speeds—also called “line speeds,” due to their assembly-line nature—at commercial chicken slaughterhouses. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) currently allows chickens to be killed at a maximum rate of 140 per minute, which the ASPCA […]
  • Daily Cute: Friendly Rats Care for Foster Kittens
    These rescued kittens at Brooklyn Cat Cafe have found the perfect nannies: rats!
    Care2 Causes Editors
  • Why Did Dozens of Horses Die in the Southern California Wildfires?
    Nestled in the foothills just north of Los Angeles, Rancho Padilla was an idyllic setting for the 60 or so horses that lived there. But early in the morning of Dec. 6, it quickly became a hellish inferno when the fast-moving Creek wildfire roared across the area. “All I could think about was the horses, the horses, the […]
    Laura Goldman
  • One of the Worst Cases We've Ever Seen: Adam's Miraculous Recovery
    Pat and Chuck Feldman wanted to adopt another dog as a playmate for their young Boxer, Cooper, when they visited the Providence Animal Center (PAC) in Media, Pennsylvania, where Cooper had recently taken puppy socialization classes.The Feldmans, who also have an older Boxer named Mocha, initially had their hearts set on another Boxer. “But mostly […]
  • Success! No More Live Reindeer Events at Westfield Malls
    Reindeer are part of the Christmas tradition for many of us. We may be familiar with the animals who drag Santa’s sleigh, Rudolph being the most famous, but we mostly just think of them as cute animals that bring us Christmas from the North Pole. So let’s get some facts here: Reindeer live in the Arctic […]
    Judy Molland
  • ASPCA Honors NYPD Officers and Assistant District Attorney at Third Annual Appreciation Luncheon
    On Tuesday, December 12, the ASPCA took time for a special celebration to honor 16 members of the New York City Police Department (NYPD), and one Assistant District Attorney for their tireless efforts in helping animals in New York City. The annual luncheon, held at the ASPCA Adoption Center, celebrated our NYPD Partnership and recognized those who have played […]
  • Happy Paw-lidays! Enjoying the Holidays with Your Pets
    The holiday season is in full swing, and while the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) wants you to know how to keep your pets safe this holiday season, they also want to make sure that you are having festive fun with your favorite furry friends! Whether you are a “cover everything in tinsel” type […]
  • K9s of Valor Is Helping Police Departments Save Four-Legged Heroes
    America’s growing opioid crisis isn’t only impacting people – it’s also causing police K9s to overdose. As a precaution, as I wrote in July, some police dog handlers across the country now carry naloxone, a drug that reverses opioid overdoses. However, many police departments don’t have the budget to provide K9s with these lifesaving drugs. […]
    Laura Goldman
  • How Cows Use Ears to Show The World How They Feel
    This article was originally published in November, 2014.  Anyone who has spent time around cows will tell you that they are intelligent, emotional and extremely perceptive animals, that are well aware of what’s going on around them. A recent study by World Animal Protection proved this to be true, finding scientific evidence that cows have […]
    Abigail Geer
  • Daily Cute: Rescued Otters Play in Fallen Leaves
    These orphaned otters -- all less than a year old -- will soon return to the wild, but they're getting some quality playtime first!
    Care2 Causes Editors
  • Roadside Zoo With Countless Animal Welfare Violations Finally Loses Its License
    At last, there’s a victory for the animals living at Cricket Hollow Animal Park in Manchester, Iowa.
    Susan Bird
  • Daily Cute: Cat Takes Care of Injured Baby Goat
    Like a true friend, Joey the cat remained by Janice's side while she healed.
    Care2 Causes Editors

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