Sunday, September 24, 2017
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  • Jaguars, Ravens kneel for anthem in 1st game since Trump ramps up feud September 24, 2017
    SOMERSET, N.J. (Reuters) - National Football League players from the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars knelt and linked arms during the pre-game national anthem on Sunday, hours after U.S. President Donald Trump called on fans to boycott teams that do not discipline players who protest.
  • Obamacare repeal bill in doubt in Senate as key Republicans' concerns deepen September 24, 2017
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A proposal by U.S. Republicans to repeal and replace the Obamacare health insurance program suffered new setbacks on Sunday, when two pivotal senators from the party dug in with criticisms of the bill that President Donald Trump is pushing for quick passage.
  • Trump cranks up North Korea threats as Pyongyang holds anti-U.S. rally September 24, 2017
    SEOUL/UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump dialed up the rhetoric against North Korea again at the weekend, warning the country's foreign minister that he and leader Kim Jong Un "won't be around much longer", as Pyongyang staged a major anti-U.S. rally.
  • Weakened dam the latest threat as Puerto Rico reels from hurricane September 24, 2017
    SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (Reuters) - A Puerto Rico dam damaged by heavy rains from Hurricane Maria was in danger of failing on Sunday, posing a risk to communities downstream, as people across the U.S. territory sought to dig out from the deadly storm.
  • Germans warned against apathy as Merkel heads for fourth term September 24, 2017
    BERLIN (Reuters) - Turnout slipped slightly in Germany's election despite politicians warning that apathy could boost the far-right, expected to return to parliament after a half century's absence, overshadowing Chancellor Angela Merkel's expected victory.
  • Melania Trump meets Prince Harry, Trudeau, thanks U.S. Invictus team September 24, 2017
    TORONTO (Reuters) - U.S. first lady Melania Trump, on her first solo international trip on Saturday, to Toronto, met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and invited Britain’s Prince Harry to visit the White House.
  • Fidget spinners and squishies: some Toys 'R' Us toymakers cut ties September 24, 2017
    (Reuters) - This summer, toy supplier Product Launchers delivered 100,000 specially ordered DC Comics fidget spinners to Toys 'R' Us, unaware that the biggest U.S. toy store chain was in financial trouble.

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  • Cloudflare Pays First $7,500 Bounties In War Against Patent Troll September 24, 2017
    Cloudflare declared war on a group of lawyers that files patent lawsuits against tech firms, by offering bounties for the discovery of patent-invalidating "prior art." Now an anonymous reader writes: On Thursday, Cloudflare announced it has paid out the first $7,500 to people who discovered documents that could help invalidate Blackbird's patents. The money is […]
  • The first NFL game of Sept. 24 started with a powerful, unprecedented protest September 24, 2017
    Less than 48 hours after President Donald Trump began vocally lashing out at NFL players, some of those players struck back on the field.  During an Alabama rally for senatorial candidate Luther Strange, Trump went way off script and began calling any football players who took a knee during the national anthem a "son of […]
    Peter Allen Clark
  • After Math: Like looking into the future September 24, 2017
    It was an exciting week for futuristic technologies. Knightscope debuted its newest roboguard, Nest showed off a face-recognizing outdoor camera, and Google came up with a way to close your garage from anywhere in the neighborhood. Numbers, because h...
  • Stevie Wonder takes to his knees in solidarity after Trump's NFL remarks September 24, 2017
    [youtube] It's not just NFL players who are taking knees. Legendary musician Stevie Wonder knelt down on both during a festival in New York on Saturday evening. "Tonight, I'm taking a knee for America," Wonder said as his son, Kwame Morris, assisted him at the Global Citizens Festival in Central Park. "But not just […]
    Brian Koerber
  • Britain's Deliveroo raises $385 million for food fight September 24, 2017
    LONDON (Reuters) - British food delivery company Deliveroo has raised $385 million in private funding, it said on Sunday, as it prepares for expansion to help it compete with publicly traded rivals such as Delivery Hero and Just Eat.
  • This is how Ravens and Jaguars players responded to Trump during today’s first NFL game September 24, 2017
    Some protest, lots of arm-linking. We had two pressing questions before the Baltimore Ravens - Jacksonville Jaguars game that just kicked off in London: How would the players respond to Donald Trump’s trolling over the past few days, which started up again Sunday morning? Would TV producers show their response? Now we know. It looks […]
    Peter Kafka
  • What is Reddit? A guide to the front page of the internet September 24, 2017
    So, what is Reddit exactly? Here, we breakdown the terminology, perks, and various inner workings of everyone's favorite social platform. Understanding the self-proclaimed "front page of the internet" has never been so easy. The post What is Reddit? A guide to the front page of the internet appeared first on Digital Trends.
    Jacob O'Gara
  • Sunday's Best Deals: Tailgating Gear, Standing Desk, Smart Scale, and More September 24, 2017
    Tailgating essentials, TP-Link smart plugs, and Anker’s Bluetooth-connected bathroom scale lead off Sunday’s best deals. Read more...
    Shep McAllister on Deals, shared by Shep McAllister to Lifehacker
  • Why Shanghai is the next Silicon Valley — and why you should care September 24, 2017
    This summer, I had the opportunity to spend some time in the lively city of Shanghai, China. I gorged on juicy soup dumplings, visited historic Confucius temples, and most importantly saw China’s rapidly growing tech-scene.Shoutout to my friend Eric for the awesome photos 📷 Don’t judge a book by its cover As I took my first […]
    Gene Azad
  • Governments Turn Tables By Suing Public Records Requesters September 24, 2017
    schwit1 quotes the AP: Government bodies are increasingly turning the tables on citizens who seek public records that might be embarrassing or legally sensitive. Instead of granting or denying their requests, a growing number of school districts, municipalities and state agencies have filed lawsuits against people making the requests -- taxpayers, government watchdogs and journalists […]
  • Cry your eyes out with these five essential 'This Is Us' episodes September 24, 2017
    [youtube] Maybe you started watching This Is Us because you craved a new drama. Maybe you missed Parenthood or couldn't resist Milo Ventimiglia Sterling K. Brown. Whatever the reason, millions of viewers tuned in for NBC's breakout drama of the 2016-2017 season, and the Pearsons became the most adored family on American television. Season […]
    Proma Khosla
  • CCEnhancer 4.5: HTTPS downloads, new features September 24, 2017
    CCEnhancer 4.5 is a new version of the popular Windows software that you may use to add hundreds of new definitions to CCleaner and other programs that support the format (the developer's own program System Ninja and Bleachbit support it as well). The program downloads the latest definition file and adds it to CCleaner automatically […]
    Martin Brinkmann
  • UK-based food delivery startup Deliveroo raises $385M led by Fidelity and T Rowe Price, now valued at $2B+ (Sam Shead/Business Insider) September 24, 2017
    Sam Shead / Business Insider:UK-based food delivery startup Deliveroo raises $385M led by Fidelity and T Rowe Price, now valued at $2B+  —  Deliveroo has raised $385 million (£285 million) from investors in a huge funding round that values it at over $2 billion (£1.48 billion) and makes it one of the most valuable tech […]
  • Trump proposed an NFL boycott because irony means nothing in 2017 September 24, 2017
    Donald J. Trump, the 45th president of the United States, has explicitly asked football fans to give up on the National Football League "until players stop disrespecting our Flag & Country." In other words: He's calling for a boycott. If NFL fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our Flag & Country, […]
    Adam Rosenberg
  • Smear Peanut Butter on Your Shower Wall to Distract Your Dog in the Bath September 24, 2017
    If you want to make an omelet you’ve got to break a few eggs, and if you want a clean dog you might have to dirty up one of the walls of your shower.Read more...
    Jaime Green

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  • This app could be the key to speaking a second language September 24, 2017
    The world is getting smaller thanks to technology, media, more convenient travel, and - let's be honest - Netflix. It's becoming more valuable than ever to learn a second, third, or fourth language-and it's also easier than ever thanks to all of the above.
  • It Looks Like a Dinosaur Theme Park, But Henn-na Hotel is Real, and Staffed Entirely by Robots September 24, 2017
    Henn-na Hotel may appear to be some kind of theme park at first glance, but it's a real place that you can book for just $80 per night in Sasebo, Nagasaki, Japan. When guests check in, they're helped by a well dressed dinosaur that says, "If you want to check in, push one [on the […]
  • Invasion of the Vacuum-Cleaner Robots September 24, 2017
    As we warned in July, iRobot's popular Roomba robot vacuum now has a formidable new rival, with the recent introduction of cheaper competitive products from SharkNinja .
  • Columbia Engineering researchers make soft robotics breakthrough with new artificial muscle September 24, 2017
    Researchers at Columbia Engineering have made a breakthrough in soft robotics that is said to have solved a long standing issue in creating untethered soft robots. The goal of these soft robots is to mimic the action and movements of natural biological systems.
  • This top rated robot vacuum somehow costs under $100 September 23, 2017
    Roombas are some of the coolest gadgets out there that make use of autonomous technology. They make our lives easier, obviously, by taking care of the mundane task of sweeping up our homes.
  • Promobot talks about service robotics and the future of the industry [Q&A] September 23, 2017
    Robots are one of the main world trends in the world of technology. Automation and AI are increasingly entering our lives, and robotics is the most dynamically developing industry.
  • Sex robot creator opens lab for first look inside... September 23, 2017
    In his home workshop on the hilly outskirts of Barcelona, Spanish scientist Dr Sergi Santos marvels at his proudest creation a talking sex robot companion called Samantha. Big breasted Samantha has a "brain" that is programmed to quote philosophers, tell jokes and "get sexy", Dr Santos explained.
  • Robots - could take thousands of Scottish jobs in the next 10 years' September 23, 2017
    A new report by the Royal Society Arts looking into the future of the technology found that bosses in the sector estimated up to 15% of jobs could end up being taken on by robots and automated machines over the next decade. The survey, carried out by YouGov for the RSA, found that businesses expected […]
  • Farming Matters: Looking into the future with robots September 23, 2017
    Technology is a massive part of all our lives, with many jobs already done by robots,and farming is no different. The ground breaking Hands Free Hectare run by Harper Adams University and Precision Decisions, which aimed to be the first in the world to plant, tend and harvest a crop with only autonomous vehicles and […]
  • Artificial ‘skin’ gives robotic hand a sense of touch September 23, 2017
    University of Houston researchers have reported a development in stretchable electronics that can serve as artificial skin for a robotic hand and biomedical devices (credit: University of Houston) A team of researchers from the University of Houston has reported a development in stretchable electronics that can serve as an artificial skin, allowing a robotic hand […]
  • Supersuits and robots await in the Scotland of tomorrow September 23, 2017
    And if the Scots living in the late 2000s don't like what's in front of their eyes, they'll be able to switch it to something more appealing thanks to the wonders of augmented reality. Assuming, of course, that they ever leave their homes , with life increasingly lived online while physical needs are taken care […]
  • A battery-free origami robot powered and controlled by external magnetic fields September 23, 2017
    Wirelessly powered and controlled magnetic folding robot arm can grasp and bend (credit: Wyss Institute at Harvard University) Harvard University researchers have created a battery-free, folding robot “arm” with multiple “joints,” gripper “hand,” and actuator “muscles” — all powered and controlled wirelessly by an external resonant magnetic field. The design is inspired by the traditional […]
  • Aerospace Robotics Market - Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2014-2022 September 22, 2017
    Aerospace Robotics Market Report, published by Allied Market Research, projects that the global aerospace robotics market is expected to reach $5,687 million by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 17.2% from 2016 to 2022. The articulated robot segment is expected to dominate the global market during the forecast period.
  • From self-folding robots to computer vision September 22, 2017
    From self-folding robots, to robotic endoscopes, to better methods for computer vision and object detection, researchers at the University of California San Diego have a wide range of papers and workshop presentations at the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems which takes place from Sept. 24 to 28 in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Frigid' sex robot with - rape fantasy setting' should be OUTLAWED, campaigner says September 22, 2017
    If you touch Farrah "in a private area, more than likely, she will not be to appreciative of your advance", according to the website. But Kate Parker, founder of the Schools Consent Project charity, has accused the firm of "normalising sexual violence" against women.

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  • Sleep pods are becoming increasingly common at airports September 22, 2017
    IN THEORY, overnight air travel should be wonderfully convenient. Instead of booking a hotel for the night and losing a day, travellers simply sleep while they fly. In reality, sleeping on a plane is hard, and at an airport tougher still. The chairs in terminals, nobody’s idea of comfort to begin with, tend to have […]
  • Bitcoin is fiat money, too September 22, 2017
    FINANCIERS with PhDs like to remind each other to “read your Kindleberger". The rare academic who could speak fluently to bureaucrats and normal people, Charles Kindleberger designed the Marshall Plan and wrote vast economic histories worthy of Tolstoy. “Read your Kindleberger” is just a coded way of saying “don’t forget this has all happened before”. […]
  • Online matchmaking businesses in India have many ways to woo September 21, 2017
    “IT WAS 2012…I was number 37,” says Ashwini, referring to the badge that was pinned on her shirt pocket. Her task was to go onto the stage and introduce herself to around 70 eligible bachelors and their parents. Families then conferred and, provided caste and religious background proved no obstacle, would approach the event’s moderator […]
  • Streaming has pushed Latin music into the mainstream September 21, 2017
    “MI GENTE” lures listeners with a mesmerising hook, a thumping beat and lyrics about breaking down barriers. A collaboration between J Balvin, a Colombian reggaeton star (pictured), and Willy William, a French producer, the latest product of this summer’s Latin craze is crooned almost entirely in Spanish. (The title means “My People”; reggaeton borrows from […]
  • What if large tech firms were regulated like sewage companies? September 21, 2017
    THREE-QUARTERS of Americans admit that they search the web, send e-mails and check their social-media accounts in the bathroom. That is not the only connection between tech and plumbing. The water and sewage industry offers clues to the vexed question of how to regulate the Silicon Valley “platform” firms, such as Alphabet, Amazon and Facebook. […]
  • Boeing takes off on a flight of hypocrisy against Bombardier September 21, 2017
    “WE WON’T do business with a company that is busy trying to sue us.” So said an uncharacteristically stern Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister, alongside his British counterpart, Theresa May, in Ottawa on September 18th. The two had teamed up to take on Boeing. The giant American aeroplane-maker is pressing Donald Trump’s administration to impose […]
  • Norway’s sovereign-wealth fund passes the $1trn mark September 21, 2017
    A year earlier than expected, Norway’s sovereign-wealth fund, the world’s largest, surpassed $1trn in assets on September 19th. It had gained over $100bn in the past year, thanks in large measure to the global stockmarket boom in 2017: around two-thirds of its assets are held as equities (over 1% of shares globally). It helps that […]
  • Behind the veil of Saudi Aramco September 21, 2017
    IF SAUDI ARAMCO is a state within a state in Saudi Arabia, then the blandly named Oil Supply Planning and Scheduling (OSPAS) is its deep state. To enter it, you pass tight security at Aramco’s suburban-style headquarters in Dhahran, in the east of the kingdom. The transition is eye-opening. Suddenly, English is the common tongue […]
  • Ryanair cancels more than 2,000 flights over the next six weeks September 21, 2017
    Not his biggest cock-up said O’LearyRYANAIR, an Irish airline, is known for three things: low fares, the brash way in which Michael O’Leary, its chief executive, advertises them, and its record for sticking to its flight schedules. The last of these is key to its appeal: many businessmen chose Ryanair more for its punctuality than […]


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  • Land of tassels, swags and sash windows: a swipe at Britain's pseudo-Georgian wonderland September 24, 2017
    It’s cheap, boring, shoddy and everywhere. But now artist Pablo Bronstein has turned his love-hate relationship with Britain’s ‘pseudo-Georgian’ architecture into a delightful showFibreglass porches, panelled garage doors and uPVC sash windows have rarely been celebrated in the hallowed halls of the Royal Institute of British Architects, but then Pablo Bronstein isn’t your usual suspect […]
    Oliver Wainwright
  • Tate Modern boss to leave for leading role at Berlin's Volksbühne theatre September 24, 2017
    Departure of Chris Dercon, who will take charge of Berlin’s experimental theatre in 2017, means Tate has lost two directors in as many monthsThe director of Tate Modern, Chris Dercon, is to leave the gallery to take charge of Berlin’s experimental Volksbühne theatre.It will be announced in Germany on Friday afternoon that Dercon, who is […]
    Mark Brown Arts correspondent
  • New stop on Delft tourist trail after Vermeer's Little Street identified September 24, 2017
    Dutch art historian tells how he solved centuries-old mystery – and local people report a sightseeing invasionFew artists have left such a deep imprint on their birthplace as Johannes Vermeer on Delft. In the summer, tour parties weave through the Dutch town’s cobbled streets ticking off Vermeer landmarks. But until last week only the most […]
    Gordon Darroch in Delft
  • El Greco to Goya review – tears, shackles and anguish in dark dramas from Spain September 24, 2017
    Wallace Collection, LondonEcstasy and self-loathing abound in this show of masterpieces and an exquisite selection of other paintings from the ‘best place to see Spanish art in Britain’‘The best place to see Spanish art in the UK,” says Xavier Bray, director of the Wallace Collection in London, “is the Bowes Museum.” This remarkable institution in […]
    Charlotte Higgins
  • Lost Rubens portrait of James I's 'lover' is rediscovered in Glasgow September 24, 2017
    Painting of George Villiers, first Duke of Buckingham, thought to have been a copy, is identified as original after 400 yearsA long-lost portrait of perhaps one of the most famous gay men in history by the Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens has been found in Glasgow. The portrait showing George Villiers, the first Duke of […]
    Nicola Slawson
  • Lubaina Himid: the Turner prize nominee making black lives visible September 24, 2017
    The favourite to win this year’s Turner talks about the quest for belonging in her work – and being the oldest artist ever shortlistedI n a tranquil corner of Preston, Lancashire, there is a modest Georgian terrace with a handsome park below it and a river – the Ribble – running alongside it. It is […]
    Kate Kellaway
  • Basquiat: Boom for Real review – restless energy September 24, 2017
    Barbican Art Gallery, LondonSelf-portraits rub shoulders with party polaroids in a retrospective that exudes immediacy and charmJean-Michel Basquiat (1960-88) is the archetype of the doomed young artist, dead at 27 of a heroin overdose. A film in Boom for Real shows him walking through Manhattan, a hot young star with a sax and a beautiful […]
    Laura Cumming
  • Jasper Johns: Something Resembling Truth review – poetry to prose September 24, 2017
    Royal Academy, LondonJasper Johns’s first British show in 40 years captures both his brilliance and decline into self-parodyFlag is magnificent: a vision of glory in blood red, deep blue and the white of whipped waves. Each star on this spangled banner has a different character – pristine, ungainly, hiding beneath the brushstrokes – and the […]
    Laura Cumming
  • Chicago Architecture Biennial 2017: how to improve on history September 24, 2017
    From the bar at the Folies Bergère to a pop art Renaissance chapel, architects at the Chicago Biennial were invited to reimagine spaces of the past as ideas for the futureThere’s a group that’s not a group, a movement that doesn’t call itself a movement, an affinity of architects, a “constellation” as one of them […]
    Rowan Moore
  • From the Truth About Basquiat’s Myths to a Plan to Remake the Auction World: The Best and Worst of the Art World This Week September 24, 2017
    BEST Basquiat is booming—for real. Artnet News spoke to the curator of the new exhibition at London’s Barbican Center, which explores the cinema, music, and some other intriguing influences on the artist’s paintings. TripAdvisor has released its list of the top museums in the world, with some surprising names at the top. More than 200 artists came […]
    Caroline Goldstein
  • Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret's wartime pantomimes – in pictures September 23, 2017
    An archive of never-before-seen photographs of the young Princess Elizabeth and her sister, Princess Margaret, in the Windsor Christmas pantomime, 1941-44, are set to fetch up to £16,000 at auction Continue reading...
    Mee-Lai Stone
  • Asinas II: A Dizzying New Kinetic Sculpture by Jennifer Townley September 23, 2017
    [vimeo 235006806 w=800 h=450] Asinas II is the latest kinetic work by Dutch artist Jennifer Townley who is intrigued by how machines can create complicated nonlinear movements from a circular motion found in rotary engines. The work is a successor to a piece from 2015 that similarly relies on sequential geometric forms that rotate to […]
    Christopher Jobson
  • The floor has ears: the carpet that generates electricity and tracks your every move September 23, 2017
    Pavegen carpet tiles produce power from your footsteps and can pin-point people's movement throughout a buildingRunning in the corridor might not normally be encouraged in school. But at Simon Langton Grammar in Kent, teachers now have every reason to be persuading their pupils to pound down the halls."The more footsteps the better as far as […]
    Oliver Wainwright
  • How a Sand Art Wunderkind Parlayed Viral Fame Into a Solo Show in Chelsea September 23, 2017
    Before Tim Bengel made his New York debut at Chelsea’s HG Contemporary this month, he was already a star, with over half a million followers on Facebook and Instagram. Indeed, his website boasts that this social media clout makes Bengel “the most famous German artist of his generation,” adding “please go ahead and try to disprove it!” The momentum […]
    Sarah Cascone
  • The 20 photographs of the week September 23, 2017
    The Mexico earthquake, the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Rohingya refugees fleeing Myanmar and the Catalan vote of independence – the news of the week captured by the world’s best photojournalists Continue reading...
    Jim Powell

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  • It’s not really a camera, yet this Canon invention will record video from any vantage point in a sports field September 24, 2017
    With sports in-stadium income on the decline, stadiums are trying to figure out new revenue streams. But this is a photography blog, so there is a photography angle (no pun intended) involved. Canon is developing a new “camera system” that will enable viewers to “fly” in the stadium and view the game via any vantage […]
    Udi Tirosh
  • Ep. 214: Why Is Tony Northrup So Stingy With His Settings? – and more September 24, 2017
    Episode 214 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.Download MP3 –  Subscribe via iTunes, Google Play, email or RSS! Featured: Landscape and wilderness photographer, Josh Cripps In This Episode If you subscribe to the PetaPixel Photography Podcast in iTunes, please take a moment to rate and review us and help us move up in the rankings so others interested in photography may find us. Show Opener:Landscape and wilderness […]
    <a href="">Sharky James</a>
  • This Device Will Weaponize Your Curren’t iPhone’s Camera To Best The iPhone 8 or X September 23, 2017
    With the coming of this time of year we can expect a few things; the shops to transition into holiday mode, Canadian and New York snowbirds to head down to Florida, Hocus Pocus memes to pop up, and the new iPhone. And with the certainty with which night follows day those who were happy with […]
    Kishore Sawh
  • How to Make Strong Black & White Images Using Gradient Maps September 23, 2017
    What is it about a good black and white? Similar to a waltz, monochromes are timeless and beautiful while maintaining a magical aesthetic. Waltzes, like black and white images, are deceptive in nature as they look effortless, however, they take a lot of discipline and training to achieve. A good black and white will captivate […]
    Brittany Smith
  • I Shot My First Wedding and Didn’t Mess It All Up. Here’s What I Learned. September 23, 2017
    My name is Alex Hengen, and I’m a non-pro, non-wedding photographer. Last year I took a few pictures at my sister’s wedding, and my cousin, having his own wedding coming up, saw some of my shots on Facebook and asked if I would photograph their wedding. I agreed. I had 8 full months to prep. […]
    Alex Hengen
  • Pete Turner, Color Photography Icon, Dies at 83 September 23, 2017
    Pete Turner, the American photographer who’s recognized as one of the first masters of color photography, has died. He was 83. The New York Times reports that Turner passed away from cancer at his home on Long Island, New York, on September 18th. In 2000, Photo District News magazine readers and website visitors voted Turner […]
    <a href="">Michael Zhang</a>
  • Canon’s New ‘Virtual Camera’ Tech is Something Straight Out of Sci-Fi September 23, 2017
    [youtube] Intel isn’t the only one working on sci-fi-style virtual camera systems for things like sporting events. Canon just announced that it’s developing a new “Free Viewpoint” virtual camera system that will let you virtually move around inside a recorded event. When deployed at a sports stadium or arena, the technology would allow a […]
    <a href="">Michael Zhang</a>
  • The Tintype Photographer Who Works Out of a 1938 Harley-Davidson Sidecar September 23, 2017
    Rob Gibson is a tintype photographer who works in what he calls “the world’s fastest darkroom.” After photographing vintage motorcycle and car events, he develops his tintypes in a 1938 Harley-Davidson sidecar that he zooms around with. “I do wet plate collodion photography, the same process that was done in the 1860s that requires coating […]
    <a href="">Michael Zhang</a>
  • Testing Canon’s Flagship All-In-One Printer | Is The TS9120 Right For You? September 23, 2017
    The Canon TS9120 is an all-in-one-printer designed to print double-sided documents, scan, make photographic prints on photo paper and print on CDs. It is the flagship of Canon’s photo-oriented all-in-one series, and has an MSRP of $199, though it is currently available at B&H for $169. Naturally, as a photography site, our testing leaned most […]
    Holly Roa
  • Is It Ethical To Sue Over Copyright Infringement? September 23, 2017
    I have been using an online service called  Pixsy to identify and secure payment for the unauthorized use of my work for a while now – with some significant success. In most cases, Pixsy’s team of licensing experts and global network of law firms are effective in recovering monetary compensation for unauthorized use of a photographer’s […]
    JP Danko
  • The Yashica Unprecedented Camera | October 2017 September 22, 2017
    Rumors and speculation have a way of generating buzz and then disappointing when nothing comes of it, and that’s just annoying – case in point was the expectation two weeks ago that Sony would release the third generation of A7, and the internets were rife that it was essentially written in stone. It wasn’t. But […]
    Kishore Sawh
  • The iPhone 8 Plus Camera Is The Best DXO Has Ever Tested By A Wide Margin September 22, 2017
    We recently reported that DxO would be revamping their approach to mobile phone camera testing, and if nothing else that signals that not only is there an audience for that, but that it’s growing and becoming ever more discerning. And for the discerning photographer, or someone who really just wants to have their phone be […]
    Kishore Sawh
  • Graphicy Street Scene September 22, 2017
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    Bobby Klang
  • UltraPod II: Saving Space and Holding Cameras Still September 22, 2017
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    Lauren Dawkins
  • SLR Lounge’s Top Lenses | Why You Need A 24-70mm f/2.8 September 22, 2017
    Many photographers, if forced to choose only one lens to use for the rest of their days, would select a fast 24-70mm. It is an incredibly versatile focal length. There are even commercial photography schools that provide a list of required equipment they feel a graduate needed to transition into the professional world, where the single […]
    Holly Roa

RSS Restaurant News

  • Ruby’s Diner Stack Attack Challenge Hits the Road on 35th Anniversary Tour September 23, 2017
    Newport Beach, CA  (  Ruby’s Diner is celebrating 35 years of America’s best burgers, fries and shakes by taking the Stack Attack Challenge burger eating competition on the road to participating Ruby’s Diner locations across Southern California. The 3.5lb Stack Attack burger towers with six 8oz. all-beef patties, loaded with Ruby’s Diner signature toppings including RubySauce, onion […]
  • Go Burrito Unveils Expansion Plans in Florida September 22, 2017
    Image Caption: Exclusive Brief: 0On Friday the fast casual, beach-themed burrito restaurant Go Burrito announced the expansion of the franchise into a new market: Florida. The Salisbury, North Carolina-based brand will open four franchised stores throughout the coastal state during the next two years, starting in Ocala, Florida. The fast casual burrito restaurant hopes to replicate its […]
  • Taco Bell to Serve Alcohol at Hundreds of New Locations September 22, 2017
    Image Caption: Taco Bell's fresh design, complete with alcohol, could be coming to a major city near you.The brand's Cantina design is about to expand in a big way.Exclusive Brief: 1Taco Bell plans to open between 300 and 350 “Cantina” locations by 2022, bringing its alcohol-focused concept to urban areas around the country. According to an article […]
  • Like Col. Sanders, KFC’s GPS cassette does things the hard way September 22, 2017
    Campaign a continuation of chain’s off-the-wall marketing strategy
    Jonathan Maze
  • Dunkin’ rolls out coffee deal with Amtrak September 22, 2017
    Dunkin’ coffee exclusively available on Northeast Corridor trains
    Dan Orlando
  • David Chang’s delivery-only concept goes brick-and-mortar September 22, 2017
    Rising delivery cost, customer skittishness, lead Ando to new location
    Bret Thorn
  • David Chang’s delivery-only concept goes brick-and-mortar September 22, 2017
    Rising delivery cost, customer skittishness, lead Ando to new location
    Bret Thorn
  • Investor: McDonald’s success is bad for burger stocks September 22, 2017
    Blog: Chain’s plans could hurt sales at its rivals, says noted short seller Jim Chanos
    Jonathan Maze
  • Garbanzo accepts Panera’s kids’ meal challenge September 22, 2017
    Mediterranean chain ups ante from week to 30 days, adds charity benefit
    Ron Ruggless
  • No Kid Hungry to Receive Nearly $400,000 from Church’s Chicken September 22, 2017
    Presentation of Donation Check Took Place on Wednesday, September 20th During Church’s® Leadership Forum Atlanta, GA  (  For the third consecutive year, Church’s Chicken® has set a company fundraising record with approximately $400,000 raised in donations for No Kid Hungry in 2017. The figure is almost $85,000 more than 2016 and brings the total raised […]
  • Cowboy Chicken Brings Wood-Fired Rotisserie Chicken to Ankeny on Oct. 3 September 22, 2017
    Dallas-Based Fast Casual Chain Continues Expansion into Midwest with Newest Restaurant Dallas, TX  (  The wait is over for Midwestern diners seeking the authentic flavor of wood-fired rotisserie chicken and homemade sides. On Tuesday, Oct. 3, Cowboy Chicken continues its national expansion with the opening of its first Iowa location at 802 SE Oralabor Road […]
  • Cannabis cocktail finds a path through legal limbo — for now September 22, 2017
    A San Diego restaurant uses cannabidiol oil in its Mr. Nice Guy drink
    Lisa Jennings

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  • What to Cook This Week September 24, 2017
    Start with Julia Moskin’s incredible new recipe for eggplant parm, then try out some baked chicken tenders or some spaghetti with cauliflower and chickpeas.
  • Katharine Hepburn's Brownies: A Recipe For Home-Wrecking? September 24, 2017
    Two years ago in The New York Times' food section, Syne Newberry commented on this recipe — and the bittersweet end to her marriage. The comment went on to become Internet legend.(Image credit: alohadave/Getty Images/iStockphoto)
    Maquita Peters
  • The Fox & Hounds, London SW1, pub review September 24, 2017
    Chris Arnot
  • How to Carve a Pumpkin September 24, 2017
    It’s that time of year when everything is coming up orange and pumpkins take center stage on our stoops and in our windows. Pumpkin carving can be a fun family affair even though children should not be responsible for the actual carving process since it can be a dangerous proposition when tiny hands meet sharp […]
    Jody Eddy
  • 13 Things to Make with Pumpkin Pie Spice That Aren’t Pie September 24, 2017
    The Cookie RookieIf there is one flavor that reigns supreme during the fall months, it’s got to be pumpkin pie spice. Pumpkin Pie Spice is a blend of ground spices, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and nutmeg, and used in so many pumpkin-inspired foods. It’s namesake has us turn to the famous pumpkin pie, but after a […]
    Rachel Johnson
  • The Week in Bites 24 September 2017 September 24, 2017
    This week at FDL we took a culinary tour of Buenos Aires, went to Hong Kong to explore new Cantonese cuisine, shared tips on how to butcher a pig and more.
  • Damsons, quince and sloes: hedgerow heroes for a bittersweet summer finale September 24, 2017
    Flora Shedden
  • One Surprise Standout for Uber: Food Delivery September 24, 2017
    Despite a late start, the company’s foray into delivering food, a cutthroat $100 billion-plus service industry, eclipses ride hailing in some markets.
  • What Is the Difference Between Black Truffles and White Truffles? September 23, 2017
    Fall brings us many of the best food smells, from steamy apple ciders to pumpkin pies to—if you have a taste and budget for luxury—truffles. While there are many different kinds of truffles, only a handful are safe for human consumption. Of those edible options, the most prized species are European white truffles and black […]
    Julie Boor
  • Kitchen Gadgets to Help You Prep for Your Halloween Party September 23, 2017
    Hallowe’en celebrations should be irresistibly haunting and undeniably delicious. It isn’t only about decorations (although whose life isn’t improved by amber-eyed raven lights?) and recipes for haunting cookies, demonic apples, and blood-red punch. To create the perfect ambience, your food and drink need the right presentation, from cake to glass. That means shopping for prep, […]
    Seanan Forbes
  • The Aviary Cocktail Book: A Preview September 23, 2017
    Take a look at amazing pictures from The Aviary Cocktail Book, out July 2018, featuring incredible drinks from the world-renowned Chicago bar.
  • How To Incorporate Fall Flavors into Seasonal Cocktails September 23, 2017
    The cooler, crisper weather of fall evokes certain warm, comforting flavors, and we’re not just talking pumpkin spice (although, yes, that too). Maple, bacon, toasted nuts, caramel, apples, figs—there are all sorts of wonderful ingredients that scream fall, and we love every one of them. So much so that we’ll work them into any food […]
    Jen Wheeler
  • What Are Apple Cider Doughnuts and Why Do They Taste So Good? September 22, 2017
    Before pumpkins swooped in and stole the show, apples were the go-to fall treat. The season wasn’t complete without an apple picking trip or a mug of hot cider on a cold night. Now, it feels like the fruit has become second fiddle.But apple cider doughnuts just might make you forget about your pumpkin spice […]
    Danielle Valente
  • What Is the Difference Between Canned and Carton Coconut Milk? September 22, 2017
    Coconut milk, whether canned or boxed, has become a mainstream staple in the American pantry. Easy to pull out of the cabinet, this ingredient magically transforms basic recipes into exotic meals with unique depths of flavor. From Asian-inspired curries to Island-style coconut rice, coconut milk is used in many recipes around the world to use […]
    Rachel Johnson
  • Eat Long and Prosper with this ‘Star Trek’-Inspired Menu September 22, 2017
    You don’t have to climb aboard the USS Enterprise to experience a food tour that’s out of this world. In fact, most of space’s drool-worthy (and downright repulsive) dishes can be replicated right here on planet Earth. In celebration of CBS All Access’s Star Trek: Discovery premiere on Sunday, September 24, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite cuisine from […]
    Joey Skladany

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  • Santa Barbara County havens for food and wine lovers - Lompoc Record September 24, 2017
    Lompoc RecordSanta Barbara County havens for food and wine loversLompoc RecordWe love his Rhone style wines, and usually buy at least a case of his delightful mourvedre rose early as it sells out fast each vintage. We were happy to hear about a new “speakeasy-style” brewery from Simmons, which we would visit the next day.and […]
  • These Are the Chemical Compounds That Make Wine Taste So Good - VinePair September 24, 2017
    VinePairThese Are the Chemical Compounds That Make Wine Taste So GoodVinePairWine tasting notes can seem like they come from a Mad Libs generator. Everything from specific flowers and fruits to descriptors like “zippy” are meant to help drinkers understand the flavors in a glass of their favorite wine. But behind the tasting ...
  • St. Ambrose makes wine fest a tradition - Republican & Herald September 24, 2017
    Republican & HeraldSt. Ambrose makes wine fest a traditionRepublican & HeraldJACQUELINE DORMER / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Joe Jordan, of The Jordan Brothers, performs with Another Side during the St. Ambrose Wine Festival in Schuylkill Haven on Saturday, September 23, 2017. Jordan dedicated his performance to his ...
  • These Are the Chemical Compounds That Make Wine Taste So Good September 24, 2017
    Wine tasting notes can seem like they come from a Mad Libs generator. Everything from specific flowers and fruits to descriptors like “zippy” are meant to help drinkers understand the flavors in a glass of their favorite wine. But behind the tasting analogies and loving descriptions of wine as living art, there’s science. All the […]
    Nick Hines
  • Family working to produce wine, offer tastings at Paulding vineyard - September 24, 2017
    MDJOnline.comFamily working to produce wine, offer tastings at Paulding vineyardMDJOnline.comThe Gilbert family planted grapes in 2016 on their picturesque northeast Paulding farm in anticipation of producing wine and offering tastings and tours of their Qualusi Vineyards by next year. Bob and Jenny Gilbert, their daughter Emilee and her ...
  • New York wine country: Enjoy sips and scenery in the Finger Lakes - Scranton Times-Tribune September 24, 2017
    Scranton Times-TribuneNew York wine country: Enjoy sips and scenery in the Finger LakesScranton Times-TribuneFINGER LAKES TOURISM VIA ASSOCIATED PRESS Heron Hill Winery in Hammondsport, N.Y., is located in New York's Finger Lakes region. The area is known for wineries and scenic countryside around 11 long, narrow lakes about 250 miles northwest of ...
  • Wine Legend: Jaboulet, La Chapelle Hermitage, 1961 September 24, 2017
    Why it makes our hall of wine fame...Wine Legend: Jaboulet, La Chapelle Hermitage, 1961, Northern Rhône, France Bottles produced 10,000 Composition 100% Syrah Yield (hectolitres/hectare) 8hl/ha Alcohol level 12.9% Release price 10 French francs per bottle Price today £9,180 per bottle (average price on A legend because… While Paul Jaboulet and Gérard Chave are […]
    Stephen Brook
  • Rocky's red wine a big seller in its Brockton debut - September 24, 2017
    SouthCoastToday.comRocky's red wine a big seller in its Brockton debutSouthCoastToday.comBROCKTON – A new brand of wine named after Brockton boxing legend Rocky Marciano was launched in the undefeated heavyweight champion's hometown on Wednesday. The distributors of the Rocky Marciano Moltepulciano D'Abruzzo quickly sold all 10 ...
  • Santa Barbara County havens for food and wine lovers - Santa Maria Times (subscription) September 24, 2017
    Santa Maria Times (subscription)Santa Barbara County havens for food and wine loversSanta Maria Times (subscription)We love his Rhone style wines, and usually buy at least a case of his delightful mourvedre rose early as it sells out fast each vintage. We were happy to hear about a new “speakeasy-style” brewery from Simmons, which we would […]
  • East European wines: Bulgaria's cheap and cheerful best - The Guardian September 24, 2017
    The GuardianEast European wines: Bulgaria's cheap and cheerful bestThe GuardianDomaine Boyar Deer Point Chardonnay, Bulgaria 2016 (£7.55, Oxford Wine) The word from wine retailers is that Brexit is good news for eastern and central European wine producers. Majestic, for example, recently put out a press release trumpeting a 400% ...
  • Fine wine, dining for the newest member of the club - Toledo Blade September 24, 2017
    Toledo BladeFine wine, dining for the newest member of the clubToledo BladeI can't believe I joined a wine club because, generally, I am far from a “clubbie.” But I do enjoy a nice glass of wine, especially if someone else is making the selection. What was on the calendar as lunch with Janet George at […]
  • Rochester gets more than a taste: The food and wine experience hosts Duff Goldman and Thomas Joseph - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle September 24, 2017
    Rochester Democrat and ChronicleRochester gets more than a taste: The food and wine experience hosts Duff Goldman and Thomas JosephRochester Democrat and ChronicleThe D&C Food & Wine Experience on Saturday was a hot event as temperatures rose and chefs shared their sizzling samples. "What happened Rochester, man it's hot," Goldman said, pointing out that he […]
  • Tales of the Cocktail Co-Founders Step Down September 23, 2017
    Co-Founders, Ann and Paul Tuennerman, will be transitioning away from their roles in producing the world’s renowned cocktail event, Tales of the Cocktail, effec
    TOTC Staff
  • What's happening; Wine appreciation class at Serbian Orthodox church parish center - Montana Standard September 23, 2017
    What's happening; Wine appreciation class at Serbian Orthodox church parish centerMontana StandardA Wine Appreciation Class starts at 2 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 24, at the Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church Parish Center, 2100 Continental Dr. Cost is $5. No pre-registration is needed. The class is a precursor to the church's Oct. 5 Celebration of Wine ...
  • 20 Wines for Under $20: Weeknight Pleasures for Relaxed Evenings - New York Times September 23, 2017
    New York Times20 Wines for Under $20: Weeknight Pleasures for Relaxed EveningsNew York TimesThe requirements for weeknight cooking are easy to understand, but weeknight wine? It's a bit more conceptual. The last thing anyone wants after a long day of work is to put in another few hours over a cutting board and stove. But […]

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  • Success! After 315,000 Sign Care2 Petition, Red Squirrels in Scotland are Safe
    A thousand years ago, red squirrels were plentiful in woodlands all over Britain, but in time those woodlands disappeared, as trees were felled to provide timber for fuel and shipbuilding. As the trees vanished, so did the squirrels. The Victorians replanted many of those forests, but then came another threat: the American grey squirrel, introduced […]
    Judy Molland
  • Police Sued by Animal Rights Group for Allowing Cruel Chicken Ritual
    During the High Holy Days before Yom Kippur, many Orthodox Jews participate in an atonement ritual called Kapparot. In ancient times, grasping live chickens by their wings, participants would swing the birds over their heads three times to symbolize the transfer of the participant’s sins to the bird. The chickens’ necks were then slashed and […]
    Laura Goldman
  • For Species At Risk of Extinction, Size Matters
    Scientists have been warning about a sixth mass extinction, and when it comes to species at risk of disappearing, size is going to matter a lot, according to a new study. For the study, which was just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, an international team of scientists from the U.S., Australia […]
    Alicia Graef
  • These Service Dogs Are Helping Injured and Disabled Farmers
    Dogs are a ubiquitous sight around the farm, but some farm dogs are worth a second look. And that's because they're PHARM Dogs: service dogs trained to assist disabled farmers with tasks they have difficulty completing on their own.
    s.e. smith
  • Dogs Recognize Themselves in Test Based on Smell, Not Sight
    Canines don’t seem to perceive their reflections in mirrors. But they do better with a ‘smell mirror.’
  • Upscale Neighborhood Outraged by Resident’s Shooting of Doe and Fawn
    Very early one morning earlier this month, in the affluent town of Tiburon in Northern California, a doe and her young fawn grazed on some newly planted landscaping in the yard of resident Mark Dickinson. The two deer had been there before. To protect his new plantings, did Dickinson install a fence or try using […]
    Laura Goldman
  • Daily Cute: Therapy Horse Plays Ball
    This former racehorse loves to play with his favorite inflatable ball!
    Care2 Causes Editors
  • The Lesson of Harvey and Irma: An Animal’s Best Ally is Its Community
    By ASPCA President & CEO Matt BershadkerIt’s easy to focus solely on the wake of tragedy and destruction left by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. But our reactions to these storms—especially the rescue and care of displaced animals—reinforce that compassion for animals is a deeply held core value in our society. On television and in […]
    [email protected]
  • Amidst a Brutal Hurricane Season, Abandoned Pets Turn Feral in Empty Cities
    First Harvey, then Irma, Jose, and now Maria. Care2 writers have written about the pets left locked up or chained while their so-called families fled their Florida homes. Animal Care and Control officers worked to free the animals before they would face a watery grave, and their registered owners, besides possibly facing charges, will not […]
    Joel Boyce
  • Chispi’s New Wheels: One Chihuahua Finally Knows What It’s Like to Run
    The ASPCA’s Community Medicine team routinely provides free and low-cost outpatient medical and spay/neuter services to communities without access to veterinary care. But for a one-year-old Chihuahua named Chispi who was born with just two hind legs, the team went above and beyond.“When I heard Chispi’s story, I thought, ‘This is a dog we need […]
    [email protected]
  • Three Critically Endangered Orangutans Are Returned to Their Forest Home
    Rescuers are celebrating the successful release of three critically endangered Bornean orangutans – one male and two females – who have just been safely returned to their home in the rainforest. The male, named Abun, had to be rescued over the summer after he was found in a community garden. He escaped there after being driven from […]
    Alicia Graef
  • Success! California Poised to Become the First State to Ban Puppy Mills
    Animal rights advocates have worked for years to expose the cruelty of puppy mills and get them shut down. Puppy mills are large breeding facilities where dogs often live in horrendous conditions, without adequate food, water or veterinary care. Over 230 cities and counties across the U.S. have already banned puppy mills, but no legislation […]
    Judy Molland
  • Snow Leopards Are No Longer Endangered, But They’re Also Not Safe
    Snow leopards received some good news with a status change from Endangered to Vulnerable by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), but advocates for these elusive cats are warning that it’s not quite time to celebrate yet. Snow leopards have been classified as Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species […]
    Alicia Graef
  • Daily Cute: Rescued Baby Coatis Stick Together
    This playful band of rescued coatis will soon return to the wild.
    Care2 Causes Editors
  • Xylitol: The Sweetener That Is Not So Sweet for Pets
    Most pet owners are aware that while certain foods may be safe for you, they are not always safe for your pet. One common ingredient found in foods today that can be a serious concern if ingested by pets is xylitol, and the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) wants you to have all the […]
    [email protected]

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  • 95% consensus of expert economists: cut carbon pollution | Dana Nuccitelli
    A survey of economists with climate expertise finds a consensus that climate change is expensive and carbon pollution cuts are neededThe Institute for Policy Integrity at the New York University (NYU) School of Law recently published a report summarizing a survey of economists with climate expertise. The report was a follow-up and expansion of a […]
    Dana Nuccitelli
  • Puerto Rico's fragile economy dealt new blow by Maria
    PUERTO RICO/NEW YORK (Reuters) - Chan Lo is racing against the clock to save thousands of dollars of supplies at his sushi restaurant in San Juan's Condado beachfront community.
  • A four-step plan to keep Labour’s revolution rolling | Neal Lawson
    Corbyn is hugely popular but the spirit of our age is digital and collaborative. Pluralism and progressive alliances are vital if the party is to own the future No one saw the Labour revolution coming. Not even Jeremy Corbyn. From nowhere new life was breathed into an old party. But with the Tories digging in […]
    Neal Lawson
  • Weakened dam the latest threat as Puerto Rico reels from hurricane
    SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (Reuters) - A Puerto Rico dam damaged by heavy rains from Hurricane Maria was in danger of failing on Sunday, posing a risk to communities downstream, as people across the U.S. territory sought to dig out from the deadly storm.
  • Magnitude 5.9 quake strikes off Mexican west coast
    (Reuters) - A magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck off the Mexican west coast on Sunday, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said.
  • Why India's farmers want to conserve indigenous heirloom rice
    India was once home to 100,000 rice varieties, but high-yield, less hardy hybrids have taken over encouraging farmers to safeguard more resistant strainsIndia is rice country: the cereal provides daily sustenance for more than 60% of the population. Half a century ago, it was home to more than 100,000 rice varieties, encompassing a stunning diversity […]
    Chitrangada Choudhury
  • Liberal MPs did not stand in Abbott's way on renewables target, Greg Hunt says
    Health minister responds to Abbott’s hint that his party kept him from scrapping the RET, saying 33,000GwH was the minimum the Senate would acceptTony Abbott wasn’t kept from reducing the renewable energy target by his colleagues while he was leader, one of his former ministers has claimed, despite the former prime minister appearing to point […]
    Amy Remeikis
  • Hopes for Mexico quake survivors dim as search enters sixth day
    MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Emergency workers searched by floodlight in smashed buildings for survivors of Mexico's deadliest earthquake in 32 years amid fading rescue prospects, five nights after the disaster and as President Enrique Pena Nieto urged Mexicans to turn their attention to rebuilding.
  • The eco guide to cleaning products
    Let’s banish bleach – it really isn’t a healthy way to clean the loo, and there are perfectly good green alternativesIt seems obvious that exposure to powerful cleaning products, including bleach, isn’t ideal, but now there’s powerful evidence of just how harmful they can be.Using them just once a week could increase a person’s chances […]
    Lucy Siegle
  • Deadly aftershock, volcanic ash spread alarm in Mexico
    MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - A magnitude 6.2 aftershock that shook Mexico on Saturday was blamed for five deaths, spreading fear among anxious residents reeling from a string of natural disasters and interrupting the search for survivors from a bigger tremor earlier this week.
  • Latest deadly quake, volcanic ash spread alarm in Mexico
    MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - A magnitude 6.2 earthquake that shook Mexico on Saturday was blamed for five deaths, spreading fear among a population reeling from multiple natural disasters and interrupting the search for survivors from a bigger tremor earlier this week.
  • Puerto Rico Without Power As Authorities Try To Warn Thousands Of Damaged, Failing Dam
    Puerto Ricans are still left without power after Hurricane Maria, and rebuilding efforts are further complicated with structural damage of a major dam. NPR's Michel Martin talks with Luis Ferre Sadurni of the New York Times about the devastation there.
  • How did that get there? Plastic chunks on Arctic ice show how far pollution has spread
    Discovery by UK scientists prompts fear that melting ice will allow more plastic to be released into the central Arctic Ocean – with huge effects on wildlifeA British-led expedition has discovered sizeable chunks of polystyrene lying on remote frozen ice floes in the middle of the Arctic Ocean.The depressing find, only 1,000 miles from the […]
    Jamie Doward
  • Fears of dam collapse add to Puerto Rico's misery after hurricane
    SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (Reuters) - Puerto Rico's governor met mayors from around the ravaged island on Saturday after surveying damage to an earthen dam in the northwestern part of the U.S. territory that was threatening to collapse from flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.
  • How World Leaders Reacted to Trump at the U.N.
    From deriding the American leader as a “giant gold Goliath” to applauding his calls for sovereignty, leaders gave widely varying responses to President Trump’s General Assembly speech.

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